Elliott Halsch, Realtor

Elliott attended Regina High School, in Iowa City, where he dedicated himself to becoming a top tier football player. He worked out at 4:00 AM each morning for at least 3 hours so he could help propel the Regina Regals to four state championships and a perfect record during his high school career. He was recruited by St Cloud State, but his dream of playing college football came to a halt when he was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a career ending wrist injury. This accident changed his plans and brought him to the University of Northern Iowa. While double majoring in Real Estate and Finance, Elliott also competed in bodybuilding and worked on a loading dock. He didn’t let his wrist injury stop him from pursing the passion he has for the weight room.

This past summer Elliott worked as car salesman at Community Motors and at the same time, began the preparatory work to become a licensed real estate agent. Working long days at the dealership and studying every night is a testament to the work ethic Elliott possesses. During this time, he also became the top salesman for a three month period. As you can see, Elliott has a strong work ethic and is willing to do whatever it takes. Are you ready to put him to work for you? You can contact Elliott today at (319)541-8653.

“Let the rest do whatever while you do whatever it takes” -Grant Cardone

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