Dan Gutknecht, Realtor

Dan Gutknecht understands the power of focus. He knows that when you give one hundred percent concentration to the task at hand, anything can be accomplished. It is this attitude that has made him one of the area’s leading real estate professionals. His clients appreciate his single-minded determination when it comes to helping them make sure their home sale or purchase is a smooth and efficient transaction. No matter what your real estate goals, he is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution and is completely Focused on Your Success.Today Dan is not only a successful businessman, his personal life is also brimming with success. He and his wife Leah are blessed with two beautiful children, Madison and Jackson. Just watch Dan around his two kids and you’ll really begin to understand the meaning of the word focus. It’s obvious he really takes his role of father and it’s responsibilities very seriously. Dan and his family also retain strong ties with their church—the happy couple are active members of their community and served as volunteers for over 10 years on the Young Life Advisory Board, an interdenominational outreach program for teens.Dan doesn’t stop until he is sure he has given 110% to help his clients reach their real estate goals. With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Dan’s Focus on Your Success means you will land right on target. So call him today and put his focus to work for you.


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